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“The (wedding) day was amazing but I can honestly say some of the best parts were on the bus.”

~Another happy Bride, 2019



Rustic and Rural Weddings

Keep in mind…

-Public Transport is virtually non-existent.

-Taxis, Ubers, Rideshares etc. operate very infrequently in some areas. Some even refuse to venture out that far late at night.

-Guests may be coming from far and wide, having to drive a few hours each way just to get to your wedding.

-You may have people staying in close by accommodation with no means of getting there

-People may get lost/be late if the venue is remote or hard to find

How we can help

-We know the roads well, and have provided over 11 years of service for the area

– We are reliable, and won’t leave you or your guests waiting at the end of the night

-We can arrange for multiple buses, heading to multiple locations to ensure your guest get home promptly and safely

Urban & Traditional Weddings

Keep in mind…

-Parking can be extremely limited at some venues.

-Public Transport can be difficult and inconvenient (especially for out of towners)

-If there are two locations for the Ceremony & Reception, people would need to organise transport/parking at multiple times throughout the day.

-People may get lost/be late to one or either of the venues

-Some may be travelling far and wide to get to and from your wedding

How we can help

-Parking does not worry us – worst case scenario, we put the hazards on and find a safe place to stop

-We can pick guests up from nearby hotels, or far away towns – no job is too big or too small

-We can provide a “shuttle service” in between your Ceremony and Reception to ferry guests safely to and from each venue


Our fleet is like our family – and we take care of our family.

Click here to view our fleet and their various inclusions.


Overseas/Interstate Guests? We can see that your guests are transport safely and in style, from the airport to their various accommodations throughout Victoria.

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From a winery tour for the hens, to a pub crawl for the bucks (or vice versa) speak to us about planning a great outing for your “last night out” – we are here for you!

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Incoming family or friends that wanted to make the most of their time here whilst in lovely Victoria. Let us know what they are interested in doing – and we can put something together.

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What is the cost for a basic charter?2020-05-01T06:13:25+00:00

Having been in the charter industry for over 12 years now – we know that no two charters are ever exactly the same.
In saying this, we like to keep our prices as affordable as possible.
For a full day hire (ie. Pickup and Return), the charge would generally be between $550 – $950.

What’s included on the bus?2020-05-04T23:17:52+00:00

All our buses come equipped with the standard amenities that you expect on any luxury bus. This being air conditioning and heating, seat belts, a qualified and experienced driver and all safety equipment.
On top of this, we can also include the following at no extra cost to you.
WiFi, Complementary Water, TV system, PA system, Music Playlists, Storage Bins & Racks – please indicate to us whether you’d specifically like any of these for your journey.

Can we decorate the bus?2020-05-01T06:10:35+00:00

On most occasions, our answer would be yes. Please check with us prior to the day as to whether this is possible.
We are also happy to decorate the bus in a wedding theme for you in advance.

Is a deposit needed?2020-05-01T06:10:05+00:00

On most occasions we will ask for a deposit of $200 to secure the bus. The remainder is then needed 2 weeks prior to the date of travel.
We are very understanding and accepting people though, and we do understand that circumstances change – therefore, should you require a date change, we simply ask you keep as well informed, and we’ll do our best to do our best by you.

Can we play our own music?2020-05-01T06:08:35+00:00

Yes, of course. Please let us know of this prior to the day. Most of our buses have AUX ports, however, some rely on Bluetooth.
We also have access to Spotify Premium, so you are welcome to share/make a playlist for the day too.

Can we use the bus to transport gear/equipment?2020-05-01T06:08:08+00:00

Yes. Please mention this when making your booking so that we can ensure that we take it into consideration when allocating you a bus.

How soon should we book?2020-05-01T06:07:34+00:00

We have been able to help out people ‘last minute’ in the past, and we always will do our best to never say no.
However, to ensure that you have peace of mind, and to ensure that we are able to create the best service that we can for you on the day, we normally recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance.

Can we eat on the bus?2020-05-01T06:06:47+00:00

Yes. You are responsible for cleaning up after your group, however; otherwise, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

How many people can fit on the bus?2020-05-01T05:42:35+00:00

We have a range of different sized vehicles, ready to suit your every need.
No number of people is too big or too small.

Are we allowed to drink on the bus?2020-05-01T05:41:26+00:00

Our answer is generally yes, however, this still comes down to the discretion of the driver.
Permission for drinks on the bus must be pre-approved by the booker BEFORE the day of the event.

All cleaning and damage costs incurred are at the sole responsibly of the booker.

Approximates are fine, if you are unsure of certain details.
We can remain flexible with you, so that we ensure we provide you with the best service we can on the day.

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