Tours for Trees

We are all to aware of the effects that we are having on our environment; and we have witnessed the devastating repercussions of climate change first hand whilst touring our great land.
This is why we are wanting to help give back, and ensure that for our generations to come, that they to can experience the vast beauties and wonders that our world holds.


To help do what we can, we are teaming up with Greening Australia, and making a donation to them for every traveller that accompanies us on tour.

Planting Trees is one of the best ways we can fight the fight against climate change – and so, every-time you come on tour with us, you can feel a little better about yourself, knowing that you have directly helped in greening our great land. 


1 Traveller = 1 Tree Planted

Trees Planted

To find out more about what Greening Australia is doing to help fight climate change in a practical way, visit their website here.