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VIP Event Outings

Experience your next big Concert or Event with the true VIP Treatment

From the the relaxed atmosphere of ‘A Day on the Green’; to blowing the roof off Rod Laver Arena;  and even enjoying a world class show at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre  – whatever it may be, you will not forget the VIP Treatment that comes with it from us here at Tour Local.

What makes our VIP Treatment so memorable? 
We take care of everything for you. 
From securing your ticket (we only get the best seats); to picking you up in our luxury bus; to treating you to a delicious lunch or dinner; and then of course, ensuring you get to and from your chosen Event in comfort, class and style!

our VIP EVENTS include

Please note: inclusions may differ slightly from event to event. Please check individual event details for exact inclusions.


Inclusions & Highlights

  • Entry Ticket to your Event of Choice – we only pick the best seats!
  • Delicious Lunch or Dinner – we understand that a well fed person is a happy person!
  • Drinks to get you ‘started’ – we get that yu don’t need to drink to have a good time…but it helps!
  • A luxury bus (and driver) to escort you on the day – this is where the fun begins with us!
  • The VIP Service – you won’t appreciate this fully until after the show, whilst everyone is scrambling for a Taxi, and you simply waltz straight onto our bus
  • Fully escorted by our Tour Local team – we are there to ensure everything goes smoothly for you!

Pickup Information

Our pickups are normally as follows (timings dependent on event)

  • Warragul (Train Station)
  • Officer (Club Officer)
  • Narre Warren (Bunnings Warehouse)
  • Dandenong (Basketball Stadium)

We can include other pickup locations if numbers and timings allow – please ask us about this. 
Click here to for information on Pickup Locations

Group Sizes

We tend to limit our VIP Event Outings to x24 people.
However, this can be dependent on the show.


How long does the tour go for?2021-01-19T06:45:20+00:00

We like to make our first tasting at 11am, and will generally finish our lat tasting by 3pm-4pm.
This is determined slightly by which Package you pick, as well as where you choose you location to be.

Do you have a minimum or maximum group size?2021-01-19T06:43:30+00:00

Our Group Minimum is x8 people.
Our Group Maximum is x24 people.

However, if you have UNDER or OVER this, please still get in touch with us – we can still put something together for you!

What is included in your VIP Event Outings?2021-01-08T21:16:33+00:00

This can differ from show to show, so we advise you to check the details for the specific show you are interested in.

What if Covid cancels the show?2021-01-08T21:10:45+00:00

We understand that there is still much uncertainty around the Event/Tourism industry in regards to Covid.
However, should we not be able to travel due to the show needing to be cancelled due to Covid Restrictions in place, then we will provide to you a FULL REFUND – or off you to swap to another date that may be available.

How do I know this isn’t a scam?2021-01-07T09:57:39+00:00

We are WELL AWARE there are plenty of scam companies out there when it comes to this sort of thing – I know it’s hard to believe words of text on a screen, but you CAN trust us.
A few reasons why you can trust us…

  1. We have been doing this for 12 years now – you don’t get that far in this business without the trust of those who come on tour with you.
  2. We are a family run company based in Pakenham. You are welcome to come visit us whenever you please to ascertain that we are in fact real people.
  3. We are a recognised Group Ticket Distributor with both Ticketek and Ticketmaster and are on a first name basis with most of their people in their Groups Department.
  4. The day (or night) will come, and you will be so caught up in all the fun you area having, that you’ll will laugh at the fact that you ever even remotely thought that you couldn’t trust us or what we do.
Do we get the ticket before the show?2021-01-08T21:07:55+00:00

We no longer provide paper-copies of your tickets prior to the day of travel. We used to do this, however, we ran in to trouble with people losing the tickets, on selling the tickets, forgetting the tickets etc.
You can rest assured they will be in safe keeping with us, and that we will give them to you first thing on the bus!

You will get a full confirmation, and your VIP Ticket from us upon booking though – so you won’t be left empty handed.

Can we alter the tour? (Private Groups)2020-11-10T02:59:13+00:00

We have been providing quality tours for 12 years now, so we do know what works well and what doesn’t.
But we understand some groups may have certain desires, that may differ slightly from what is currently offered in our tours.
More food? More Drinks? More time at certain places? Just let us know, and we’ll take it from there.
(note – this may change the price)

Do you offer group discounts?2020-11-06T05:21:59+00:00

We can offer discounts to groups of 14+.
Please enquire with us directly, or head over to our Group Enquiry Page, for more information.

Do you have toilets on board your bus?2020-11-06T05:20:00+00:00

Unfortunately, our buses are built for day tours, and as such, they do not carry toilets.
We do make frequent stops throughout the day where there will be toilet facilities. The the longest duration we will spend on the bus is generally to and from our initial pickup location (which rarely exceeds an hour).

What if the weather is bad?2021-01-19T06:40:10+00:00

In typical Melbourne fashion, the weather may change on us without much warning – the good news is, we still have fun and enjoy ourselves nonetheless.
If the sun is shining, then we will make the most of this!
If it’s not, then we shall keep you warm and dry and still ensure we get the most out of our day!

What type of bus will we travel on?2021-01-19T06:39:07+00:00

We take great pride in our fleet of buses!
All our buses are cleaned regularly, and all are well maintained and serviced.
Depending on how many people we have booked on tour, will determine (at times) which bus we bring on the day.

But don’t worry, we only travel in style and in comfort – you won’t be in a beaten up, rust bucket with us.
All our buses come equipped with the standard amenities that you expect on any luxury bus. This being air conditioning and heating, seat belts, a qualified and experienced driver and all safety gear.
On top of this, we can also include the following:
Complementary WiFi, Complementary Water, TV system, PA system, Music Playlists, Storage Bins & Racks, and charging ports.

Meet our Fleet

Travel in Style in our Luxury Midi-Buses

  • Comfortable Seating – makes long journeys enjoyable

  • Stylish Interior you’ll be the envy of all other travellers

  • Large Coach Windows – for you to enjoy the lovely views

  • PA Systemperfect for commentary and bad jokes

  • Music Systemwe love a few good tunes to get the night started

  • Room for Storage – feeling like buying a few things on the journey? Not a problem!

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