Are you bored, and looking for something to do?
Are you wanting a memorable experience that you and your friends can actually enjoy?
Are you looking for an amazing day trip, that takes you out of the city, and to places you didn’t even know existed?

Then look no further!


The Foodie Trail of Gourmet Gippsland, is as unique as it is enjoyable!

Complete with tastings of some of the most amazing culinary delights and produce that Gippsland has to offer, coupled with amazing views and enjoyable shopping time spent at some fantastic farm gates; this Foodie Trail will have you falling in love with Gippsland, and wanting to come back time and time again!

But isn’t Gippsland really far away?

This kind of depends on your definition of far? …and where about in Gippsland you are actually heading!

Gippsland is MASSIVE, taking up 41,000sq km of land!

I know, that number is hard to comprehend.

Think of it this way; Gippsland is larger than Belgium, it’s larger than the Netherlands, and it’s larger than Switzerland!

This is why there is never a shortage of things to do here.

Don’t worry, we don’t travel all the way out to Mallacoota in a day – we stick to South Gippsland. This incorporates such areas as Phillip Island, Wilsons Prom, and Leongatha.

It takes about 1 and a half hours to get to our first destination, but from there, we are blessed with some amazing views, and many lovely locations to stop at throughout the day. And as we always say, the journey is half the fun!

So what is a Foodie Trail then?

We are glad you asked!

A Foodie Trail is just what the name suggests.

Foodie = anyone who likes good food.

Trail = a guided tour

A few things to help if you are still confused…
1. Think winery tour, with less emphasis on getting really drunk, and more emphasis on enjoying the day, the locations, and the experience.

2. You DON’T have to be a food connoisseur to enjoy this tour. When we say “good food” we mean freshly harvested produce, award winning cheeses, home made cafe delights…ie. GOOD FOOD, so not Maccas.

3. We take care of you from start to finish. You can leave your wallet at home if you like, everything is included! – This is a proper, guided tour!
(We would recommend bringing your wallet though, as there are going to be some amazing Farm Gate locations to shop at along the way – we even give you a your own take home jute bag for convenience)

Maccas Farn Foodie Trail

OK, I’m interested – so what’s included?

Well …where do we start?!

Firstly, we pick you up – this may sound obvious, but this is also probably the most important part, as if you miss the bus, then you miss the tour.

Our first pickup in right in the heart of the city, opposite the Arts Centre.

We also will pickup at Dandenong and Officer on the way through.

From here, we make our way into Gippsland! – and what a sight it is to behold as the morning sun is rising right in front of us.

We don’t want to spoil the whole tour for you, but here is a look at what to expect.
– We will make 5 stops at 5 different Foodie locations.

– We will make 2 stops at 2 different amazing viewing locations

– We will enjoy 6 different tasting experiences along the way

– We will have time to shop at genuine Farm Gates

– We will drive through some of the most amazing locations, and a region that has been likened to the YARRA VALLEY!

– We will finish our tour at an amazing local brewery, with time to relax and put your feet up.

– Above all, we will have a enjoyable day, full of many amazing experiences, and a memorable journey!

This all sounds amazing, what sort of places do we go to?

Caldermeade Farm

Caldermeade Farm

Olive at Loch

Olive at Loch

Maccas Farm Gippsland

Maccas Farm

Prom Country Cheeses

Prom Country Cheese

Burra Brewery

OK, I want to go. What do I do now?

Head over to our Foodie Trail webpage, for more information or to make a booking.
Your amazing & memorable day out, is just one click away!