Travelling down the Bass coast Highway, as if you were on your way to Phillip Island, you will pass a road with a brown tourist sign pointing towards “Maccas Farm”, located just south of Grantville.

Being a beach lover myself, who has spent countless summer days down at the Island, I would have passed this road (Dalyston-Glen Forbes Rd.) literally hundreds of times before – however, I’ve never taken much note of this unassuming sign, or the (previously) undiscovered location it’s pointing to.

Upon my first visit to Maccas Farm, as I simply turned into the long, well kept, dirt driveway that leads to the farm, I was astounded at the beauty that suddenly appeared before me.
Vast green paddocks lay on either side of the tree lined road; contrasted beautifully by a majestic blue dam about half way up – I could tell already, this was more than just any old farm!

Maccas Farm Entry
Pigs Maccas Farm

And I was right!
As I turned the first corner, before me were what would have been about 30-40 pigs, grazing happily in the paddock right beside where I was driving. One or two had even managed to get onto the other side of the fence.
I thought I better pull over, as for some reason I was amazed by the sights of these pigs, and felt compelled to take a photo or two!
I also made a mental note to myself that I would let Pete (the Owner, who I had spoken to on the phone) know that there were a few that had escaped their fences.

However, as I made my way into the carpark next to the Cafe, I realised that I could throw out that mental note I had made- as right before me, running around happily, there were not just little piglets roaming around, but chickens, and dogs too! It seems that this was simply the norm here.


Having now met and got to know Pete and Angelika, I think you’d be hard pressed to find two more welcoming and warming farm owners.
Immediately I felt right at home, and welcomed into their farm.
Pete took the time to show me around the grounds. He showed me the different animals they farmed, and the various and unique ways in which they grow their fresh (the FRESHEST) produce. He even took me for a ride down to the dam to see the nature walks being constructed there.


I had said this was the Freshest Produce that I had come across – and I stand by those words. Some of this produce is so fresh, it is literally still growing in the shop! This is the true definition of Farm Gate shopping!

It is amazing to see the farming practices Pete and Angelika have adopted here, and the results from these practices speak (or taste) for themselves.

Whether it be the fresh vegetables that are grown literally 50m away in their hydroponic greenhouses that are then brought straight into the shop, or the meats that are butchered and packaged onsite – everything about this shop spells freshness.

On top of this, the shop contains home-made sauces, relishes, dairy products, oils, honey – and so much, much more!



After seeing everything that goes into procuring and producing this delicious produce – I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t see how it was plated (and tasted) as well.

Sitting down overlooking the south side of the farm, one could see how this humble farm, with it’s subtle yet authentic allure, could really be the new way of enjoying a simple coffee, a nice meal, or a casual day (or night) away.

I was treated so a sample platter of much of what the farm has to offer.

From fresh baked breads, crunchy salads, delicious meats, home made relishes, and award winning cheeses – I truly did get a taste for the good life, and an awakening as to how food is actually meant to taste!

Maccas Farn Foodie Trail

It’s fair to say that we’ll definitely be back to this amazing farm, and there is most definitely no shortage of reasons not to return.
From the amazing food; the fresh produce; the free roaming animals; or simply the welcoming and warm feeling you get from being on this unique and memorable farm.
You can join us on our Foodie Trail tours that of course spend some quality time taking in all that Maccas farm has to offer.
Or, to plan your own visit, head directly to
An amazing and memorable experience awaits.